St. Marys, PA - Rates & Packages


Packaging and Pricing

Effective Date: January 1, 2015

Serving St. Marys, PA. For all Internet, Cable & Phone offers in St. Marys, click here.


Broadcast Basic: $17.48

Classic Cable: $56.73

Local Channel Surcharge: $7.60

Digital Packages (add these to the Classic Cable rate above)

Digital Basic: $14.85

Digital Music: Included with Digital Basic

Digital Plus: $11.30

Digital Voice

Digital Voice a la carte: $35.00

Digital Voice with Video: $30.00

Digital Voice with HSI: $20.00

*Unlimited phone service to US and Canada

High-Speed Internet (HSI)

High-Speed Internet (up to 10mbps): $52.00

Super-Speed Internet (up to 30mbps) $56.65

Ultra-Speed Internet (up to 65mbps) $68.96

Premium Channels

HBO: $14.91

Cinemax: $10.79

Showtime/TMC: $12.85

Starz/Encore: $10.79

Value Packs

Zito HSI(10mbps) & Digital Voice $62.00

Super-Speed HSI(30mbps) & Digital Voice $77.25

Ultra-Speed HSI(65mbps) & Digital Voice $87.55

Zito Classic Cable  & Super-Speed HSI(30mbps) $107.15

Zito Classic Cable  & Ultra-Speed HSI(65mbps) $117.30

Zito Classic Cable, Super-Speed HSI(30mbps) & Digital Voice $127.75

Zito Classic Cable, Ultra-Speed HSI(65mbps) & Digital Voice $134.44

Transaction & Equip. Charges

Paper Billing: $1.00

HDTV Digital Adapter: $2.00

HDTV Standard Digital Converter: $7.95

Cable Modem Lease: $5.00

Digital Voice Modem Lease: $5.00

Wireless Modem Lease: $8.00

Installation (wired): $29.95

Installation (unwired): $39.95

Relocation of Outlet: $29.95

Underground Burial Installation: Variable

Non-standard Installation: Variable

Call for complete pricing details. Prices do not include applicable federal, state, or local taxes and fees. Services and programming subject to availability. Additional equipment charges may apply. Pricing and packaging subject to change. All prices are monthly, except for transaction charges.